Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us along with your info. we tend to perceive this is often a giant responsibility and push to safeguard your info and place you on top of things.

1. We do not collect our visitors information by this site.

2.Our site is fully safe for every user.

3. In this site you can't find any thirdparty login popup.Because we want to provide a fair use experience for our visitors.

4.You do not need to sing up or sing in requirements for download any file.

5. We are use google drive download link for you because it's a google product.You know google products are safe for use.


We will use advertisement in our site in future.But now you can't show any ad.When we get monetization by google then we use ad in our site.

Our Files & Service

Our files are made with pixellab mobile app.This file can't open directly from file manager.You should open from your pixellab app.So don't affraid to see this file in your file manager.Our files are fully trusted for your device.we provide you our best service from expert designer.


We use google drive to give you file download link.Sometime you can find a popup notification from google but you don't affraid just use another browser and download any file.

Comment & Contact

If you want to ask any question or give any suggestion,you can contact us from our contact page.Otherwise you can say anything in comment section.It's fully safe for any google user.

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